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Climbing Mount Kazbek

246.04 km

Target: 1000 km


Target: €250.00

28 days

Target: Jul 31, 2022

We are training for our expedition in July, when two of us will (hopefully) climb to the peak of Mount Kazbek (5054m) in Georgia in the Caucus mountain range. It would be great if you could support and sponsor us.

Team members

Isabel K.

Reinhard  K.

No donations yet.

That’s what it’s all about

Climbing Mount Kazbek takes part in Move for Meals to change children’s lives. Mary’s Meals provides school meals to 2 million hungry children. This encourages them to go to school and enables them to focus on learning.

School + Food = Hope – just €18.30 is enough per child per school year.
Thank you for sponsoring and cheering along. Every euro helps.

Happy girl with a mug and 3 happy girls learning in class