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Marietheres Moves for Meals

by Marietheres Wübken

100.4 km

Target : 100 km


Target : €1,830.00

0 days

Target: 25. June 21

Auch mit 97 Jahren möchte Marietheres Wübken aus Nottuln in Westfalen bei der Aktion „Move for Meals“ mitmachen! 100 Kilometer will sie in einem Monat mit ihrem Rollator laufen! Sie ist hochmotiviert und hofft mit ihrem Lauf 100 Kindern ein Jahr lang eine Schulmahlzeit ermöglichen zu können. Lasst uns sie dabei unterstützen!

At a very spritely 97 years of age, Marietheres Wübken from Germany is taking part in our “Move for Meals” fundraising campaign. She is aiming to walk 100 km in a month with her rollator. She is super-motivated and determined to raise enough money to provide 100 poor and hungry children with nutritious school meals for a year. Please support Marietheres in reaching her goal by giving what you can!

1,074 donations so far

That’s what it’s all about

Marietheres takes part in Move for Meals to change children’s lives. Mary’s Meals provides school meals to 1.8 million hungry children. This encourages them to go to school and enables them to focus on learning.

School + Food = Hope – just €18.30 is enough per child per school year.
Thank you for sponsoring and cheering along. Every euro helps.

Happy girl with a mug and 3 happy girls learning in class